Journey June 2019

During June 2019 I embarked on a project that would reintroduce me to the creative process of making comics. Journey June is an art challenge hosted by Gabo and Cloverkin in it’s second year, where participants add to a narrative everyday using 30 prompts based on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ arch template.

I came to discover this project super late - the day before it began - so this story was very much improvised day-by-day, this helped add to the looseness of the work and helped me let go of some of the control I’ve felt was necessary in producing narrative work.

So without further ado, here is the work. I’ll be commentating along the way for my own benefit - and hopefully yours!

Gremlin the Goblin maintains a lonely watch over the outpost. He is the commander of a group that has been reduced to two members through failed research expeditions into The Forest.

Our Journey begins with Gremlin spotting a distress signal from deep with in The Forest, likely from the last party he sent out months ago.

Establishing shot of the fort.

Gremlin contemplates his next move from his office.

Remy, the human child of one of the missing party members, and the only other person remaining at the fort has also seen the signal from The Forest.
Remy bursts into Gremlin’s office to let him know.

For some of these prompts I prepared draft scripts to work from.

“So what are we waiting for? We gotta get out there!”

“We can’t. If we abandon this post now everything we’ve sacrificed will be lost.”

“B-but he’s a-”

“It’s my duty to defend this outpost! 
Don’t you get it?
We wouldn’t last 3 days on the Wastes, let alone in that toxic Forest.”

“Maybe you kind couldn’t.”


Following the argument from earlier, Gremlin decides to check up on Remy before turning in.

“I’m going out to The Forest fringe tomorrow. I shouldn’t be any longer than a week.”

‘Hmm, must already be asleep. - Gremlin thinks to himself.

But Remy was already gone.

The next morning Gremlin descends the tower to start out into the Wasteland.

‘I hope Remy is ok. I shouldn’t be so hard on him, he might never see his father again. We’re all each other have right now.’

Aspect of the tower.

Gremlin enters the garage attatched to the outer tower.

“My speeder?! It’s gone!”

As the cogs turn in Gremlin’s head he also notices that the mop bucket has gone and a storage chest has been looted. Putting 1 and 1 together, Gremlin begins to panick.

Geared up in a rickety old speeder, Gremlin begins the race after Remy. Knowing he’s less than a day behind Gremlin tries to make haste, but is still surprised the speeder even runs.

As Grelim approaches the fringe of The Forest, he noticed smoke along the edge. As he gets closer the crash site becomes apparent.

“My speeder!
What have they done to you?”

“Well I caught up to my speeder but,
where’s Remy?..”

“Huh, I’ve never noticed these pillars here before.
It’s as though they sprung up out of nowhere.”
“They’re huge! I would have noticed these before..”

Gremlin spots something glistening in the monument.

“Heheh. You’re mine now!”

/ CRAK /

The top of the monument gives way and falls away from itself...

...Crushing the remaining speeder, leaving Gremlin with no choice other than to pursue Remy into The Forest.

The Forest canopy is so thick that after a couple of days it becomes impossible to tell if it’s day or night.

“I think I can see a light in the distance.”

The light turns out to be a light from a tiny window from a bulding ontop of a mound.

Gremlin sneaks up the slope and peers inside.

It’s Remy!!
And another mysterious figure sat with him infront of a fire.

A gust of wind lowers the fire as the scructure begins to destablise.

“What the heck is that?!”

“Hello there..”

The monster confronting Gremlin turns out to be the very structure.
A Giant Tortoise!

There is a pop as something fires out of the chimney and hangs in the air.

A staff speeds down.


This prompt was ‘Suitable Saviour’. I wanted to give the impression that Gremlin was about to be saved rather when in reality the tortoise was being protected.

“Hey it’s Gremlin!”
Calls Remy from the window.

“Oh, a friend of yours?” Why didn’t you say earlier? Hahah.”

For this prompt (Cooking up Friendship) I focused on dialogue for the first time within the panel - and didn’t look back throughout the challenge.
I also wanted to develop Fu’s character design so I focused on the chracter expressions excluding the enviroment.

“So what’s up with the bubble? You wanna be a human or something?”

I’d die out here without it?”

You’re a Goblin are you not?
I’d recognise even the most innocent of Goblins!”

“A... Goblin?”

*quietly to Chi*
“What’s up with this guy? Was he really raised by humans?”
“Either way.. What are you two doing on the Forest Fringe?”

“We’re looking for my dad and his crew.
We saw his signal a few day ago and we’re trying to reach him.”
“But things haven’t been going so well.”

“I’ll say..”

“Well! Why didn’t you say so earlier? It’s gotten pretty crazy deeper in The Forest. Quiet folk like me and Chi tend to hang out at The Fringe.”
“But we’ll take ya!”

“Finally, some good news!
The co-odinates are 115, 489”
“How long do you think it will take?”

After a long rest  Gremlin and Remy wake up to find Fu missing.

Prompt: ‘Peculiar Puzzle’

“Hey Remy..
Wake up!”

Looks like he ran off with his frog, no douby.”

“I dunno Gremmy.
Something is off.
Last night we were in a ruin.”
“Now it’s just blank walls and weird blocks.”
“The only exit has these weird symbols.”
“It must be a test!”

Hours later..
Gremlin has been arranging blocks trying to figure out the secret to the symbols.
“Yanno, I think these might just be decorative stickers..”

In the commotion the crystal Gremlin found earlier falls out of his pocket and bounces along the ground.

“It’s glowing..”
“How does this help anything?”

“Damn that jumped up rabbit”
Gremlin hurls the crystal across the room towards the door.
“Holy cow!”


As the adventure beginsFu uses his powers of terrain manipulation to change Chi’s shell into a ship that can cater to the new guests. 
Equipped with canons and a crowsnest the gang are ready for Chi to lead the way.

Prompt: Mending Materials.

The last few Journey June prompts had taken so much time I wanted to reduce the time I was spending on these thumbnails significantly by doing super roughs then single colour sketches.

Because I couldn’t bare to just post the shoddy sketches I came back to the idea of the prompts having covers.

Prompt: Lost & Listless
*wandering through the forest*
“It’s so dark!
How does Chi know which way?”
“I think I see light ahead!”

“It’s a clearing!”
“Hey! We’re stopping.”

Chi Collapes in the middle of the clearing and lets out a long sigh.
“Is she ok?”

“She’s probably just craving The Sun after a few weeks in The Forest.”

“Though she could be basked for days!”

“I guess we should keep moving.”

“This way looks promising.”
“Are you sure?”

Prompt: Stumbling upon Shelter

The gang find themselves wading through a swamp. Remy and Gremlin are starting to supect that they’ve been walking in circles.


“Now I know I’ve seen these ugly things before.”

“No way!
I know these swamps better than anyone.”
“Pretty sure you said that last time.”

“Hey here’s a tree I marked earlier!
“Hey, me too!”

“Fine, maybe it is time for a rest.”

Fu starts to raise a structure out of the ground.

Gremlin and Remy stare into the mouth of the cave that Fu raised with uncertainty.

“We’ll sleep here tonight.”

Prompt: Babbling Bard

Fu wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare induced by a strong magical presence.


“Just a dream..”
“Hey Fu.”
- A voice calls from within the cave.

“Wh-what are you doing here?”

“Oh you know me!
Checking in.
Making sure you’re on course.
Though ya not making much ground!”

“Yeah well, we got set off course.”

“Oh Fu, master of terrain,”
“You shouldn’t put your faith in the non-sentient.”

“Can’t you just shut up?..
And tell me where to go?”
“It doesn’t matter! The expansion has already reached the swamp. 
Just dig!”

“Well I’ll leave it to you, Fu.”
“Don’t let us down -”



The mysterious agent of the Goblin King launches himself through the roof of the cave.

This wizard has a time-crystal. Which is how he was able to reach Fu and talk to him freely.
He’s an old a friend of Fu’s called O’Plunge from the wizarding world.

Prompt: Gaining New Ground

The next morning Gremlin and Remy wake up and prepare theirselves a breakfast from food Fu harvested from the swamp.

“I didn’t notice how far this cave stretches.”

“Also, Fu is nowhere to be found.”

“You think this was his doing?”

“Either way, I couldn’t face the swamp again.”

“At least this way is straight.”
“We might even be able to catch up.”

Gremlin anaylses the hole in the ceiling.

“Let’s just keep our wits about us.”

“Check out this little trick I’ve been working on.”

Gremlin snaps his fingers lighting the torches.

“Too cool!”
The pair make their way deeper into the cave.

Prompt: Distracted and Delayed

Deep inside the cave.

“I can see a light that way.”
“That’s worrying...”
“It’s so warm..”
“Should we follow it?”
Gremlin and Remy exit the tunnels into brilliant sunshine.

“It can’t be...”
Flowery fields stretch out for as far as they can see.

“It’s beautiful - 
I’ve never seen such a beautiful place.”

“But we’ve only been going deep undergound.
- How is this possible?!”

Despite Remy’s concern, Gremlin’s sense of reality is blinded by the scene.

“Does it matter?!
I just want to lie here and soak up the sun.”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
It doesn’t feel natural at all.”

From in the distance, the pair are being watched.

Prompt: Hideous Horror

“Is that a human I small in my garden?”

Gremlin draws his rifle.

“Run Remy!”

The monstrous Goblin charges towards the pair.
As Gremlin aims the shot and pulls the trigger the rifle backfires in a cloud of smoke.


The huge Goblin swipes Gremlin out of the way.

“Move, puny Goblin.”
“I can almost taste those squishy organs!!”
“I want them all!!”

Gaining on Remy the Goblin reaches out to collect him up.

A shard erupts from the ground piercing the Goblin’s hand.


The shard continues to grow pinning the Goblin in place.


The Goblin then spots a figure floating above him.

It’s Fu!

Snapping the shard in to the Goblin is able to release itself.

He then hurls the shard up at Fu knocking him off his staff.

The shard begins it’s descent and comes hurtling down.
Impaling the Goblin.

The gang are Weak are and wounded but not dead yet.

This is where the journey ends (for now). Unfortunately I didn’t manage to complete all the prompts in time for the end of June, but regardless I’m really proud of how much work I was able to produce. I think if I were to simplify the story and the way I was going about producing the thumbnails I would have been able to finish the journey.

The month long time constraint was important to me, just to see how much I would be able to achieve if I worked at something every day for a month, so once that month was over I wanted to move on to the next project.

I don’t think this will be the last we hear from Gremlin, Remy, Fu and the universe they inhabit. I have a Neonmob set planned where I will be working up some of these images and showcasing aspects of the story.